Adorable Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Collection

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! What do you usually know about gold? Well, it is true that gold is generally used as main material for jewelry including rings for engagement and wedding. Gold itself is divided into two kinds based on the color scheme, namely: white and yellow. The value of both gold kinds is actually similar to each other. Yet, ideally, yellow gold has bigger value due to its yellow scheme and higher carat than the white gold. Dudes! Everyone can see adorable yellow gold engagement rings collection in some pictures below.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Images

Unlike the white gold ring for engagement and wedding, lately, the yellow gold engagement rings look extraordinary and incredibly beautiful with that yellow gold and sparkling diamond combination. As like what we can see in the first picture here, a unit of yellow gold is purposely made with double bands concept. It means the ring consists of two round bands with different concept of diamond attached as embellishment.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings on Hand

The first round band is set as topper for the yellow gold ring. This ring has three diamonds which are specifically formed in marquise cut style. The three stones are studded closely to each other on the middle. And with three more diamond grains attached on both sides of the three stones, this yellow gold ring for engagement looks classy. Hey, the lower round band is completely simpler than the topper band. This time, the lower band only involves diamond grains to cover the band as embellishment.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Trends

The next yellow gold engagement rings collection appears with single band concept. A Rose cut diamond is studded as main ornament stone on the ring. Four yellow gold prongs are attached to wrap this big diamond for protecting it from falling accidentally and losing it forever. Smaller diamond grains are studded along the round band as alternative embellishment.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Vintage


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