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Blue Nile is a kind of jewelry brand and company. It is a great jewelry manufacturer and seller which always provide any fabulous ring for engagement and marriage. Amazing designs of Blue Nile engagement rings are shown at this post for better description and inspiration for you. Well, everyone must have different taste while selecting their favorite concept of ring for engagement. This time, we only want to help everyone to find the best one without having much trouble regarding to ring design decision.

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It seems that an engagement ring should be special as well as the wedding ring in the future. And in this modern era, Blue Nile understands the demand of society about this ring design. No wonder that amazing Blue Nile engagement rings are ready to pick. The first engagement ring by Blue Nile is quite affordable. This ring is specifically designed simply with thin metallic round band. This ring incorporates leaves pattern engraved on the top part of the ring. As finishing touch, a Rose cut diamond is studded with four prongs.

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A pair of couple rings is also available designed by Blue Nile. It is as like what we can see in the second picture. There are two rings for man and woman. The woman’s ring is as simple as the man’s ring. The woman’s ring is made of white gold with thin round band as main setting. As an ornament stone, a big Rose cut diamond is studded with six prongs surrounding it. The man’s ring doesn’t involve any big diamond as ornament. In this case, the big diamond is replaced with dozens of diamond grains. Those diamond grains are attached along the round band in Pave style.

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Similar Pave setting is also applied on the Blue Nile engagement rings shown by the fourth photo. This ring is for both man and woman. This ring is truly designed super simply with thin round band. A lot of diamond grains cover the whole surface of the round band.

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