Antique Engagement Rings with Colorful Precious Stone Options

Antique engagement rings are actually a perfect option for your woman if you really want to propose her elegantly. From time to time, this old fashioned ring cannot be compared with the modern ring. Yet, of course it is because the antique ring is more precious with its ultra big precious stone studded as embellishment. In addition, the precious stone is not only diamond. There are many kinds of precious stone which are typically used as vintage band ornament. And mostly, they are colorful such as blue sapphire, green emerald, baby blue aquamarine, red ruby and white diamond.

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Today, we are going to show you those elegant antique engagement rings. The first ring comes with elegant blue sapphire stone as embellishment. This ring is wonderful and exclusive with full of white diamond grains surrounding the blue sapphire stone. The grains of diamond are also attached along the round band as complement. Looking at this blue sapphire ring always reminds us to a similar ring worn by current Duchess of Cambridge.

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The next antique ring for engagement certainly looks old fashioned. This old ring is basically made of yellow gold with floral shaped embellishment. A small round white diamond stone is studded on center. It is wrapped by four yellow gold prongs which look old and antique. And then some tiny diamond grains are arranged around this round diamond stone to form the flower petals as well.

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If you love ruby, the third antique engagement rings combine the pink ruby and white diamonds as embellishment. Generally, the big oval shaped pink ruby is studded on center. And then a couple of oval shaped white diamonds are attached on both sides of the ruby stone. The last photo offers an elegant emerald antique ring for engagement. This exclusive ring has unique curled yellow gold band covered by white diamond grains. A big ball shaped green emerald is wrapped by four metallic prongs to contrast the yellow gold scheme of the band.

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