Antique Style Engagement Rings Setting with Engraved Detail

Have you heard that stylish detail engraved along a ring setting would be nice for your finger appearance? Studding a precious stone only as main ornament of the ring is too usual to consider right now. In fact, more innovative concepts of ring design for engagement is more attractive for people especially women. It doesn’t matter whether the ring is modern and shabby. Even antique style engagement rings look very terrific with the engraved details. Can you imagine that?

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Today’s topic is about the antique style engagement rings with engraved detail as alternative or optional embellishment setting. In this case, the engraved detail involves art deco and other kinds of lining such as in classic or contemporary style. Well, some samples are attached at this post for better description. In the first photo, we can see an elegant white gold ring with a big round cut diamond as ornament. This white gold ring looks beautiful with some details over the round band.

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Tidy lining with engraved detail is integrated to give accent over the ring embellishment area. And at the same time, some tiny diamond grains are attached between the lines to brighten this engagement ring design. The next antique engagement ring doesn’t involve any engraved detail over the metallic setting of the round band. The unique detail is applied on the ornament stone.

Antique Style Engagement Rings Settings

Well, a flower frame is created to give nice location in which some diamond grains are attached. Generally, this engagement ring is made of yellow gold. That’s why it looks old fashioned. If you love other kinds of precious stone as ornament, sapphire is a recommended stone to choose. At this rate, art deco detail is cool to cover the antique style engagement rings setting. Round cut sapphire seems enough to fill a hexagonal metallic frame surrounding it with four prongs.

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