Appealing Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Collection

We have talked about several ring designs for engagement and wedding moment. A wide range of differences appear to give everyone a lot of ring design options to pick. Appealing oval diamond engagement rings are just few options of the ring designs. The oval shaped diamond ring is certainly perfect to lend us such vintage sense on our appearance during engagement moment. Well, let’s see some samples of the oval diamond ring for engagement below.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings on Hand

The first appealing oval diamond engagement rings picture shows us an elegant white gold rings with three-stone concept. Basically, this ring looks simple with sleek round band. There are dozens of diamond grains which are attached on both edge of the round band. For the final touch, a big oval shaped diamond is attached between tear drop shaped diamonds. Pave detail is applied around the tear drop diamonds as complement.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Rose Gold

The next oval shaped diamond ring is extremely simpler than the first diamond ring. This time, the diamond ring comes with thin round band with tiny emerald diamonds attached on both sides of the oval shaped diamond. Hey, look at the oval shaped diamond embellished on the middle. Isn’t it beautiful with detail on the center? Four prongs are installed on the edge of the oval diamond as complement.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Vintage

If you love to have a beautiful ring with oval diamond, the third ring picture will show you the elegant one. Unlike the other oval diamond engagement rings shown by the images, the third ring offers a great combination of white and yellow gold, white and pink diamonds. And as the result, the gorgeous collaboration of the stone and gold looks very incredible displayed by the third picture. There is also a modest gold ring for engagement embellishing a small oval cut diamond. Yellow gold is set as main material of the ring. There is only simple lining attached on both sides of the oval diamond as well.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Yellow Gold


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