Astonishing Pink Gold Engagement Rings for Classy Women

Everybody knows that every woman want to have at least an incredible ring for their special moment like engagement and marriage. And pink gold engagement rings are the best choice to make them melting and happy at the same time. Well, astonishing pink gold ring is very stunning with yellow gold as its main material. Since the name of the ring is the pink gold ring, it doesn’t mean that the ring has to involve pink colored gemstone. The pink term here refers to the yellow gold that basically has little pink shade over the yellow gold scheme.

Pink Gold Engagement Rings Canada

We can see the sample of the pink gold engagement rings at some pictures here. The first picture shows us a luxurious pink gold ring with nice combination of pink and white colored diamond. Thicker embellishment setting is arranged to display the elegance of this expensive ring. Little engraved detail is applied over the embellishment setting. With pave setting, the white diamonds grains are attached o dominate the engraved detail.

Pink Gold Engagement Rings Cartier

And then, as the final touch of the ring, pink colored diamond is studded on the center. With four pink yellow gold prongs, this pink colored diamond is cut in emerald cut style. We can see the next pictures of the golden engagement rings. This time, the pink colored diamond is cut in pillow shape. Now, the combination is not on the diamond, but the gold. There will be a nice combination of white and yellow gold to enhance the ring.

Pink Gold Engagement Rings Idea

The next pink gold engagement rings appear with white diamond as main embellishment. The white diamond is cut in round cut style with dozens of grains attached along the round band. It seems that channel setting is compatible for the diamond grains. Another sample of pink gold ring for engagement is displayed by the pictures at this post.

 Pink Gold Engagement Rings UK


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