Awesome Emerald Engagement Rings for Glorious Lady

Emerald is a type of precious stone besides diamond, sapphire and opal which is found almost anywhere in the world. This precious stone has specific character to keep it different and easy to recognize among other stone types. If sapphire is popular with its blue scheme, emerald is famous with its glamorous green scheme. The green tone of emerald is ultra clear with deeper accent found inside the stone. Well, perhaps, emerald engagement rings can be a great choice to make your beloved lady melting.

Emerald Engagement Rings for Women

The emerald engagement rings are actually a member of birthstone. Yet, it is still able to wear without any clue of your month of birth. Emerald is beautiful on any woman’s and even man’s fingers. Furthermore, the engagement bands with emerald concept appear in numerous models to pick. Hey, watch out! We have discussed about diamond with emerald cut style. It is true that basic shape of emerald stone is just like what we have discussed before.

Emerald Engagement Rings Gold

The green emerald stone is specifically designed in rectangular with a bit accent of steps along the edge. Nonetheless, the emerald stone is also suitable to appear in other cut styles such as round, solitaire, pillow, marquise, asscher and princess cut. As like diamond, the emerald ring utilizes any kind of metal for the round band material such as white and yellow gold, titanium, platinum and sterling silver.

Emerald Engagement Rings Meaning

From time to time, emerald engagement rings are selected to reflect a certain meaning for the wearer. The emerald stone basically represents glamour, elegance and peace for everyone who is wearing it. With a bit of innovation on the ring design, we sure your emerald ring would be extraordinary and trendy for your memorable engagement moment. Try to combine the green emerald with white or black diamond. The diamond may appear as grains to form Halo detail surrounding the emerald.

Emerald Engagement Rings Vintage


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