Beyonce Engagement Ring for Your Ring Inspiration

Who don’t know Beyonce? This singer of “Drunk in Love” is popular with her beautiful voice and exotic appearance. She married Jay Z and now having a cute little girl named Blue Ivy Carter. Well, Beyonce is just one of numerous famous celebrities in Hollywood. And every celebrity has different taste on fashion from one to another. It seems that Beyonce has her own taste at finding the best engagement ring. It is true that Jay Z knows exactly what Beyonce want about her engagement ring. That’s why we are going to discuss little about Beyonce engagement ring for your ring inspiration.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Cost

Actually, there are several articles have been posted in this blog that talking about Beyonce ring design inspiration. And this article becomes one of which are emphasizing the beauty of emerald cut diamond attached as the ring embellishment. Let’s see several photos of Beyonce when she is wearing the engagement ring. Can you see that? Basically, Beyonce engagement ring is very simple.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Design

It is specifically designed as a single ring. In other words, this ring doesn’t involve any ring to complete the matching ring concept such as wedding band or other. The engagement ring of Beyonce incorporates thin 18 carat titanium round band with separated lining on the top part. And the titanium round band is covered by dozens of diamond grains set in pave style.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Replica

For the embellishment stone, a big diamond is attached on the top. This big diamond is cut in emerald style with four prongs studded on each corner of the big diamond. Yeah, we know what you are thinking about right now. This Beyonce engagement ring is certainly simple. Yet, that simplicity means very deep for both Beyonce and Jay Z as well. Everybody can imitate the Beyonce ring for engagement and wedding ring inspiration if desire.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Size


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