Camo Engagement Rings to Borrow the Exotic Sense of autumn

Camo is abbreviation of camouflage. Camouflage is known as a kind of pattern which is typically used for military uniform. No wonder that this pattern type is popular as military pattern. The basic concept of camo pattern is actually related with autumn or fall season. The deep brown with intricate detail of dry leaves is seen on each camo pattern style. And lately, people know that the camouflage patter is also incorporated on any ring design for engagement and wedding. Camo engagement rings are recommended for those who want to borrow the exoticism of autumn season.

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Generally, the camouflage pattern comes in many concepts. The concept of pattern itself usually involves color, pattern, texture and material. For cooler camo engagement rings, the ring concept should be great with those basic aspects. Well, brown camouflage patterned ring is the first popular ring with camo theme to choose. The brown scheme covering the metallic round band is typical. Commonly, this kind of ring involves intricate pattern of dry grasses or branches displayed over the camo panel.

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Maple deep camo ring is the next camo engagement band concept. Unlike the classic brown grass and branches before, this camouflage rig emphasizes the existence of maple leaves set as main pattern on the camo panel. This kind of camo ring is mostly identical with darker scheme of background to show the red maple leaves out.

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Fresh green forest camo is the most favorite camo engagement rings idea. This camouflage patterned ring is identical with its fresh green pattern. Many people love to choose and wear this camo ring for engagement due to relaxing and natural look of the autumn forest. Sometimes, the green camo comes in deeper green scheme with little composition of cream and brown of dry leaves and wood. This ring is certainly known as the most exotic ring ever.

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