Chic Halo Engagement Rings Selection for Simple Ladies

Term of Halo is usually heard in wedding. Halo is what usually worn by flower girls, bridesmaids and sometimes bride. It is a kind of crown or tiara that is specifically made of flowers no matter what the flower kinds. Now, the term of Halo becomes more universal especially in fashion and jewelry. Let’s take an example here about chic Halo engagement rings. Everyone must have been able to imagine the design of Halo detail would look like in mind. And in fact, what you are imagining about the Halo may be true.

Halo Engagement Rings on Finger

The Halo engagement rings are a simple ring choice for simple ladies. It is a common ring designed with thin round band, a big diamond and some grains surrounding the bigger diamond and covering the round band. It is very easy to recognize the design of the engagement ring with Halo. Some pictures uploaded here are some samples of Halo engagement band which can be your inspiration whilst selecting the best ring for you.

Halo Engagement Rings on Hand

Pillow cut diamond Halo ring looks extremely elegant on a woman’s finger. It is a simple ring with a pillow cut diamond style. Halo style is integrates to frame this big pillow cut diamond on the ring. And at the same time, similar detail of Halo is attached along the circular band. Actually, the shape of the diamond surrounded by the Halo style is not always similar from one to another. There are many varieties of pillow cut diamond ring for engagement. And mostly, those rings look different due to the quality of the material used on them.

Halo Engagement Rings Round

Round cut diamond Halo ring is another nice choice of the Halo engagement rings selection. Similar with the Pillow cut diamond ring, this time, the designer only replaces the pillow cut diamond with round cut diamond. The appearance and setting of the Halo ornament is similar with some engagement rings displayed at this post.

Halo Engagement Rings with Wedding Band


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