Claddagh Engagement Ring Involving Colorful Stone

Having and wearing a metallic ring at engagement or marriage moment is extremely too usual until now. We are sure that some people must think about something special and uncommon in the society regarding to the ring design for engagement. And based on this topic, Irish Claddagh engagement ring is recommended to pick. Yet, this Ireland ring doesn’t appear in only metallic detail with white diamond as usual. Lately, numerous colored stones are available to replace the common white diamond as the engagement band ornament.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Emerald

Let’s check these incredible Claddagh engagement ring collections. Green is identical with freshness and nature. This natural leaf color is relaxing to see anytime. Why don’t we put the green colored stone on the Claddagh ring for engagement? Based on the picture, the Claddagh ring with the green colored stone is designed with specific trait of the ring from Ireland.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Enhancer

There are several shape concepts which are purposely attached as embellishment setting of the ring. The Claddagh symbol of hands, heart shape and crown are engraved neatly on the center of the metallic setting. And then white and green diamond grains are studded orderly along the round band as additional embellishment. The sample can be seen on the first picture.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Meaning

The application of blue colored stone is displayed by the third ring picture. This time the Claddagh engagement ring comes with cool engraved detail carved along the metallic ring setting. White diamond is still incorporated to make this ring glorious and exclusive. The blue colored stone is specifically formed into heart shape and then installed as main ornament of the ring. If you remember amethyst, you will love the last ring sample as well. This purple colored heart shaped stone is attached on the middle part of the metallic band setting. This heart shaped stone is luxuriously grabbed by the hands with a metallic crown put on it.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Sets


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