Cool Jared’s Engagement Rings Design with Channel Setting

Lately, numerous engagement and wedding rings are available in market. With a wide range of outstanding ring brands, everybody only has to choose what you really want regarding to your ring for special moment. Jared’s engagement rings perhaps can be a great choice for everyone. As trusted jewelry brand and market, Jared always provides the best quality rings for the customers including you. Sometimes, Jared also does some innovation or modification to make the rings attractive and exclusive. One of which is engagement rings with channel setting.

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Have you ever heard about channel setting on any ring you have or see before? Well, we have ever discussed about pave setting in the previous article. As like the pave setting, the channel setting also incorporates dozens of diamond grains to cover the external surface of the round band. Yet, the channel setting allows the metal round band edge seen crystal clearly to frame the diamond grains. It is quite different from the pave setting which allows the metal round band invisible as if the ring is completely made of diamond. Well, some samples of the Jared’s engagement rings with channel setting are displayed by the pictures here.

Jareds Engagement Rings Collection

We can see a luxurious engagement ring with round cut aquamarine and diamond Halo. The diamond Halo is purposely arranged to form pillow shape contrasting with the round cut aquamarine on the center. The channel setting is displayed over the band as the final touch.

Jared's Engagement Rings Ideas

Combining yellow and white gold at the same time over the ring band would be very inspiring. It is seen on the second picture of the Jared’s engagement rings model. Stylish infinity detail is made of yellow gold to contrast the neutral tone of the white gold behind it. A small round cut diamond with six prongs is installed on the center with diamond grains Halo covering the yellow gold infinity setting.

Jared's Engagement Rings Settings


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