Cute Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Innovation for Feminine Lady

It is a great time to write this article for all of you, guys! Now, we are going to introduce you to several options of rings for engagement moment. Well, since we will talk about engagement and proposal moment, we should use your best time to find the best ring for your beloved girlfriend first. For men, all rings are equal from each other. It is because they don’t know exactly some ring cuts and styles to distinguish one ring to the others. Therefore, this time, we are going to introduce you to cushion cut engagement rings.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings on Hand

The cushion cut engagement rings may be called as the simplest ring cut to recognize by the beginner. As like common cushion you usually find in living room, the cushion cut ring involves a specific stone formed in this throw pillow shape. Can you imagine the shape of cushion now? Let’s see several pictures uploaded at this post for better understanding and description. The first photo shows us the clearest view of engagement ring with cushion cut diamond. It looks like a square shaped diamond with smooth curving accent on each corner.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Tacori

The cushion cut stone is classic for the ring embellishment. In fact, we can find this diamond cut style on many rings collection including rings for wedding, engagement and even simpler meaningful band like promise ring. With this classic cushion cut diamond or other precious stone type, it doesn’t matter if the ring is decorated with other matters like diamond grains, engraving or lining.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings with Halo

Based on some uploaded pictures here, we know that diamond grains are the most popular additional embellishment besides the cushion cut engagement rings. The diamond grains are typically arranged in Halo style. It is a simple lining of grains to surround the cushion cut diamond stone. We can say that the Halo grains are a kind of frame for the ring embellishment.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Zales


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