Disney Princess Engagement Rings Based on Costume Theme

Who don’t know Disney? Disney is a kind of production house which always produces so many interesting fairy tale themed movies with precious moral value for the watcher. Usually, Disney creates children and teen movies. Of course it involves Disney Princess movies like Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel and the new one is Rapunzel. Well, in fact, until now, there are still many adults who love Disney Princesses. Even finally, they are interested in wearing a gorgeous ring with Disney Princess theme. This kind of ring is called Disney Princess engagement rings.

Disney Princess Engagement Rings 2013

The Disney wedding ring is also available in different model. Unfortunately, today, we are only going to describe several samples of attractive Disney Princess engagement rings. Due to that attractive topic, there are four ring pictures attached here for better description. The first ring is created with Snow White costume theme. The theme here is related closely to the color of the costume. That’s why the Snow White themed engagement band comes in sweet combination of red, yellow, blue and white colored gemstones.

Disney Princess Engagement Rings Ariel

The next Disney ring for engagement is made for those who love deep sea. Yeah, this ring is created with Ariel’s mermaid costume theme. With luxurious round ruby attached on the center of purple Halo grains, bright green gemstone grains are attached along the round metallic setting as additional embellishment.

Disney Princess Engagement Rings for Sale

Do you still remember Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog movie? Yeah, the third picture displays a beautiful ring design. This ring is for those who love green so much. With pretty floral theme, the Disney Princess engagement rings based on Princess Tiana’s costume looks eye catching. Nice combination of light and deep green is also interesting on the white gold setting. The costume themed ring is also displayed on the fourth picture. This time, Rapunzel is the next lucky Princess who is chosen as the ring theme.

Disney Princess Engagement Rings Prices


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