Engagement Ring Settings for Embellishment and Ornament

There would be several aspects that usually talk about when we are discussing about ring setting and design. To be focus, engagement ring settings are commonly associated with the design of ring itself. It involves embellishment and ornament that are studded to beautify the ring appearance. Well, nowadays, numerous embellishment settings for ring are available. One of which is floral setting. Have you ever seen a glorious engagement ring with flower pattern on the embellishment?

Engagement Ring Settings Halo

We can see the picture at this post. It is an elegant white gold ring for lady. This ring has couture round band design with three-stone concept of embellishment setting. The engagement ring settings of this ring generally involve a big round frame with a flower pattern installed on the center. This flower pattern is finally surrounded by Halo. On both sides of the first round frame, two more round frames are attached. Yet, there is no frame with flower pattern on it. The designer only studded a big diamond in pillow cut on each round frame.

Engagement Ring Settings Only

The next setting is quite classic and old fashioned. Most people call it as a vintage engagement ring setting. Generally, a thin round band is made of titanium. This round ring integrates a big round frame embellished with a big round cut diamond and Halo. Finally, the Halo itself also appears along the round band behind the main round embellishment setting with diamond.

Engagement Ring Settings Types

The application of prongs surrounding the ornament stone of ring is essential when it comes with engagement ring settings. The function of the prongs is to improve the protection of the precious stone wrapped by them from falling down and lost. Numbers of the prong are typically influenced by the shape and size of the ornament stone. The bigger stone appears, the more prongs install surrounding it.

Engagement Ring Settings Vintage


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