Ethical Engagement Rings in Inspiring Design Concept

Everybody knows that numerous rings are available and ready to purchase from the markets. Some rings are designed elegantly in the latest model trend, whereas the others appear extraordinary in old fashioned and historical look. Are you realizing that those ring models are boring? Well, don’t only sit on your rocking chair then. Let’s find an uncommon styled ring for your special engagement ceremony. Ethical engagement rings seem perfect to pick.

Ethical Engagement Rings Canada

The ethical engagement rings mean politeness and standard rule of the ring design. In the other words, the ethical ring concept allows the ring to wear as a normal symbol of engagement or marital status. Yet, this ethical band design is extremely different from usual rings collection. Unusual design concept is offered to cover this beautiful ethical engagement band. For better understanding, we have attached several photos of the uncommon ethical rings for engagement at this post. Let’s check them out.

Ethical Engagement Rings Etsy

Yellow gold ring will look extraordinary with reclaimed wood detail engraved along the round band. Double-band setting seems challenging to apply on this yellow gold ethical ring. To enhance the value of this unique ring, a small Rose cut diamond is studded as main ornament on the yellow gold round band setting. If you think that diamond is too usual as ornament stone, amethyst offers sexier tone of gemstone.

Ethical Engagement Rings New York

This time, white gold is selected to emphasize the deep purple tone of the amethyst on the ethical engagement rings. Unique floral frame is installed to accommodate a small round cut amethyst as main ring ornament. Little wavy accent is applied to give such a beautiful detail on the prongs. Ladies and gentlemen, the ethical ring for engagement also appears in super thin round band setting. Look at the third picture of ring then. It is a thin yellow gold ring with transparent crystal wrapped by the prongs as ornament stone.

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