Exciting Big Engagement Rings for Beautiful Ladies

Engagement is a formal ceremony where a couple is stated to be a serious couple before the wedding. Yet, sometimes, people don’t do the engagement before their wedding. Some people usually prefer to do the marriage without doing engagement party firstly. Well, however, engagement is actually also an important ceremony to throw. That’s why we should consider for having a special ring for this special moment. Big engagement rings will be exciting to have.

Big Engagement Rings for Women

The big engagement rings are perfect to represent your eternal love. It is an engagement ring with a big stone or gemstone an embellishment. Various kinds of gemstone are available to pick starting from diamond, sapphire, amethyst, turquoise and morganite. And the embellishment setting of the ring is also available in numerous models. Now, for clearer description, let’s look at some pictures of the big rings for engagement here.

Big Engagement Rings on Fingers Pictures

Princess cut diamond ring seems very eye catching to pick. This ring is basically designed with a big diamond cut in square shape. Pave detail is attached surrounding the Princess cut diamond. And then to make this metallic ring beautiful, dozens of diamond grains are mounted along the round band surface. Another big engagement band involves round diamond cut. This ring incorporates channel setting along the round band setting and embellishment.

Big Engagement Rings on Fingers

The next big engagement rings incorporate oval shaped diamond as embellishment. This ring is very elegant with very big diamond in oval shape. Halo setting is applied to improve the appearance of this oval diamond ring for engagement. Unique round band is installed to give another detail on the embellishment part of the ring. That’s why this big diamond ring for engagement is exclusive and glorious. Well, actually, besides diamond, colored gemstone will make the big ring for engagement extraordinary. Of course everyone should prepare more money to have it.

Big Engagement Rings on Hand


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