Exclusive White Gold Engagement Rings for Beautiful Ladies

White gold ring seems very popular until now. With diamond as a main ornament stone, the white gold engagement rings would be always exclusive and expensive to have. If you are a beautiful lady, wearing this white gold engagement band with diamond will be the best choice to do. However, both matters collaboration is wonderful to improve your appearance during this special moment of life. Don’t worry about the design of ring. The white gold and diamond ring is available in numerous models and styles.

White Gold Engagement Rings for Women

The first picture may give all of you a nice concept of the white gold engagement rings. It is a fabulous ring with thick round band. The round band involves three striped engraving to give gaps between each metal band. And those three striped bands incorporate pave setting to cover the surface of them with tiny diamond grains. A very big Princess cut diamond with Halo is studded on the top as ornament concept. In this case, the diamond is not fully cut in Princess Style, but it is formed by some diamond grains arranged as a unit.

White Gold Engagement Rings on Hand

Well, the first white gold ring design is certainly extravagant and expensive. If you prefer to wear something simpler, a white gold ring with five diamonds arranged in a row will be nice. From those five diamonds, the biggest one is located on the middle as the main ornament stone. There is no any detail engraved over the round band as well as surrounding the diamond setting.

White Gold Engagement Rings Set

Emerald cut diamond with small triangle cut diamonds guarding it on both sides is cool embellishment concept of the white gold engagement rings shown by the fourth picture. Unlike the previous white gold rings above, this ring is a kind of matching ring which combines both engagement and wedding rings as a unit. A couple of bands are available indeed with different embellishment setting.

White Gold Engagement Rings under 500


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