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Talking about historical fashion style, everyone must know about Victorian era fashion style. Yeah, Victorian era is a popular era when every woman has to wear many kinds of clothes to be appropriate in the society particularly for high class society women. Ball gown is one of popular dresses in Victorian era. In the past, women usually wear a hat with very high feather as accessory. Many kinds of jewelry are always worn by those women to beautify their appearance every day. Well, now, let’s talk about the ring for engagement. Extraordinary Victorian engagement rings are special to pick and wear in this modern era.

Victorian Engagement Rings for Sale

Generally, the Victorian engagement rings are identical with big embellishment. For clearer explanation, some pictures are shown here to give us inspiration. The first image shows us an elegant classic ring with oval shaped diamond as main ornament. In this case, the oval shaped diamond is surrounded by small round diamond grains. And more grains are also attached on external side of the Halo as complement. As final look, the Victorian engagement band is seen extremely gorgeous at the picture.

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Besides diamond, sapphire is selected as an ornament stone for the ring. The luxury of blue sapphire is very popular to represent glory and wealth of high class society. No wonder that until now, the sapphire ring is worn by kingdom heirs. With big mounted embellishment setting, the Victorian ring for engagement looks exclusive and expensive.

Victorian Engagement Rings Rose Gold

Hey, there is also green emerald which looks very eye catching to enhance your Victorian engagement rings embellishment. This emerald stone will be very stunning, if it is cut in emerald cut style. With nice innovation, the emerald Victorian ring must be cool. Appearing in classic style during the engagement moment is a nice idea to consider. At this rate, great combination of yellow gold and white diamond will be interesting.

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