Eye Catching Square Engagement Rings Selection

Besides round diamond engagement ring, square engagement rings are also known as classic ring design. It is a ring with gorgeous square shaped diamond. There are several ring samples displayed by some pictures here. Basically, the gemstone shape is similar from one to another Nonetheless, every ring has its own special aspect that makes it different and beautiful as the way it is. Let’s take a look then.

Square Engagement Rings Cheap

An elegant white gold ring must be not enough without the classic square shaped diamond as the embellishment. The first square engagement rings picture shows this cool and classic diamond cut style as well. Four prongs made of white gold are attached on each corner of the diamond for protection. It is true that there is no any engraved detail applied on the band. Yet, this ring is quite big with that square shaped diamond.

Square Engagement Rings on Finger

Great collaboration of white and pink diamond, white and yellow gold must be incredible to consider. This exclusive ring can be seen at the second picture of ring. In this case, this ring is called as Victorian era ring with its thick round band and big mounted embellishment setting. And as main gemstone, pink diamond is studded on center between two semi circular cut white diamonds.

Square Engagement Rings on Hand

If you love modern square engagement rings, a ring shown by the third picture will be a nice choice. This modern white diamond ring is romantic with mounted Halo setting. There are a couple of small square shaped diamond grains attached on both sides of the main diamond as complement. Pave setting of diamond grains cover the entire external surface of the thin round band. For simple ring design, matching square ring for engagement and wedding is also available. A unit of matching ring consists of two bands. One of the rings incorporates a square shaped diamond as embellishment.

Square Engagement Rings with Halo


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