Fabulous Round Engagement Rings Selection for Calm Lady

Once a couple has been so serious in their love relationship, going steady is no longer pleasant and comfortable for them. This beginning step of love relationship would be replaced with engagement soon when the couple has been ready for more serious level of relationship. And like a wedding ceremony, engagement moment also needs a couple of ring to exchange between both a man and woman as a symbol of their love relationship level before throwing a wedding. Well, it seems that many rings for engagement are ready to pick including fabulous round engagement rings.

Round Engagement Rings 2 Carat

The round engagement rings are definitely identical with old fashioned style. It is certainly true. Nonetheless, lately, this antique style ring is still popular among the society because of its classic design and diamond cut style. Hey, perhaps, you may also choose this round ring to represent you or your beloved fiancé’s calmness. The typical characteristic of the round ring is simple.

Round Engagement Rings for Women

In other words, everybody must exactly know that this vintage engagement ring ideally involves round shaped diamond or other kinds of precious stone. Besides the round cut precious stone, the round engagement band is also often modified with more inspiring detail for the embellishment. Halo is the most favorite additional detail which is commonly attached over the round ring. It incorporates mounts of grains to surround the round cut stone on the center of metallic band setting.

Round Engagement Rings on Hand

Lately, the round engagement rings don’t always appear in classic or old fashioned shape. Little accent of curving, curling and twisting is integrated over the ring setting. Double-band concept is also applied over the band setting to give us more options of fabulous rings for engagement. Prong setting is another alternative of round ring for engagement design. Usually, four prongs are enough to frame the round cut stone.

Round Engagement Rings with Halo


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