Fascinating White Sapphire Engagement Ring Ideas

Sapphire is a kind of precious stone which is commonly available in deep blue tone. This gemstone is popular as a high quality stone for jewelry embellishment. Unlike the white diamond and other gemstone types, sapphire is meaningful especially to represent the wearer’s wealth, social class status and elegance. No wonder that sapphire is mostly studded as an ornament stone on inherited ring from generation to generation of a kingdom family. Nowadays, the sapphire doesn’t only come in deep blue scheme. White sapphire engagement ring seems quite fascinating to beautify the metallic setting of the ring.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

The appearance of the fascinating white sapphire engagement ring is not similar with the ring with the blue sapphire. It seems that the white sapphire offers lighter color scheme than the blue one. On the other hand, the white sapphire can appear in lighter blue or even white scheme as like the white diamond.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring Reviews

However, the quality and appearance of the white sapphire ring for engagement or bridal is still the same. Well, for better description, we are attaching at least four pictures of the engagement ring with white sapphire as inspiration of ring design. The first engagement ring is purposely designed as a matching ring set. This ring consists of two bands which are functional as engagement and bridal ring. Both round bands involve white diamond mounted in Channel setting. And on the bridal band, a big light blue round cut sapphire is installed with Bezel setting around it.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring Sets

The white sapphire engagement ring also appears simply in crystal clear gemstone look. This white sapphire is basically cut in emerald style. This emerald cut white sapphire is effectively wrapped by four prongs to keep it protected and tightly installed on thin titanium round band. Little engraved accent is applied on both sides of the white sapphire as additional ornament.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring vs Diamond


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