Glamorous Sapphire Engagement Rings Designed with Diamond

Sapphire is a kind of precious stone which is typically colored in blue. Well, the texture and characteristic of sapphire is basically similar with diamond, emerald and aquamarine. The deepness of blue sapphire is commonly able to attract everyone’s attention instantly even better than diamond. Therefore, the sapphire becomes more expensive than diamond as embellishment of jewelry. Anyway, are you so curious with this sapphire stone? Today’s topic is all about glamorous sapphire engagement rings selection which is purposely designed with diamond.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Gold

For nice samples, several photos of glorious blue sapphire engagement rings are displayed for your meaningful bands inspiration. Hey, guys! Let’s take a look on the first picture then. It is an ultra beautiful Rose gold engagement ring embellished with cool combination of blue sapphire and white diamond. Basically, the blue sapphire is formed in round shape. This sapphire is surrounded by six tiny prongs and diamond grains in Halo style. Pretty leaves shaped diamonds are studded surrounding the Halo diamond as frame.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Meaning

The second picture offers a luxurious sapphire ring made of 16 carat white gold. This woman’s ring looks beautiful with elegant collaboration of diamond and blue sapphire attached to frame a round cut diamond. Some tinier details engraved and studded over the ring band external side. Those details look exclusive to match the exclusive sapphire and diamond composition as main ornament of ring.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Princess Cut

The next glamorous sapphire engagement rings look common with three studded stones. One of which is a round cut diamond, whereas the two others are smaller round cut blue sapphires. Those third stones are finally studded as the ring embellishment with diamond grains covering the edging in Halo style. If you want a vintage engagement ring with the blue sapphire, the fourth picture shows what you are looking for. It is a vintage ring with oval cut sapphire surrounded by diamond grains as embellishment.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Vintage


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