Gorgeous Pave Engagement Rings Characteristic

Pave engagement rings sound quite strange in your eyes, don’t it? Those who basically don’t know much about ring may say yes regarding to this pave ring concept. Well, that’s why we are here to give you little explanation about the pave ring setting. Generally, ring is divided into several parts namely round metal setting or band and embellishment. The embellishment of ring usually involves one or more stones to set as ornament. Sometimes, some details of engraving are added to improve the ring value. The pave setting is generally attached over the metal setting or round band.

Pave Engagement Rings Halo

In this case, the pave engagement rings are a ring that has diamond grains covering the metallic round band as if the band is truly made of diamond. Generally, the diamond grains are perfectly tinier to cover the whole surface of the round band. Some photos are uploaded at this post for clearest description. We can see the first photo as the simplest sample.

Pave Engagement Rings Meaning

The first photo shows us a vintage ring with a huge embellishment setting. Dozens of diamond grains in very small size are covering the upper parts of the ring. From that photo, anyone must understand why the pave setting is preferable. It is because this vintage engagement ring looks extremely glorious with those tiny grains to hold the biggest diamond on the top in Princess cut.

Pave Engagement Rings Princesses

The next photo of the pave engagement rings is very cute with thinner metal band covered by dozens of diamond grains. A round cut diamond is studded on the top held by four prongs as additional detail. This ring is designed elegantly with any detail of metallic setting among the grains. Therefore, this diamond ring looks very expensive and exclusive on your beloved fiancé’s finger. More samples are displayed by the third and fourth pictures at this post.

Pave Engagement Rings Round


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