Inspiring Diamond Engagement Rings in Various Cut Styles

Talking about diamond, who doesn’t know diamond? Of course all of you have known about this expensive and valuable stone. The diamond has classic characteristic which is directly able to be recognized. Sparkling and bright impression would appear instantly when you are staring the diamond. In addition, this precious stone is always used on various kinds of jewelry including ring. Diamond engagement rings are a main topic at this post today. We are going to speak of the diamond ring which is purposely designed with numerous options of the diamond cut styles.

Diamond Engagement Rings Images

Round cut diamond engagement rings are the first cut style for you. This diamond ring cut style is classic and beautiful. Ideally, a big round cut diamond is studded as main embellishment. This round cut diamond is typically surrounded by tinier diamond grains in Halo style. More diamond grains are embellished along the single band external side as additional ornament stones.

Diamond Engagement Rings on Fingers

Princess cut stone engagement ring is another popular diamond cut style for you. Unlike the circular cut style, the princess cut style comes similarly with square shaped diamond. Well, yeah, the simplest characteristic which can help us recognizing this cut style is because of its square shaped diamond. Usually, this square shaped diamond would be wrapped by four prongs. Those prongs keep the diamond from accidentally falling and disappearing.

Diamond Engagement Rings on Hands

Oval cut diamond engagement rings are another classic cut style for you. The oval shaped diamond is quite similar with the round cut diamond ring. Yet, the oval diamond has longer dimension than the round cut style. More tiny prongs would be required to keep the oval shaped diamond safe. The prongs are typically about six to eight wrapping the diamond as like a tight frame. How to beautify this oval shaped diamond seems equal with the round and princess cut diamond. Halo grains would be always elegant to frame the stone as well.

Diamond Engagement Rings Princess Cut


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