Inspiring Disney Engagement Rings for Fairytale Lovers

It must be not only little girls who love fairytale princess so much. We sure some of you also love some princess characters created by Disney as much as the girls. Don’t be shy, ladies! Loving the Disney princesses is not a big trouble to hide tightly in your heart. We should precisely show it off by wearing Disney engagement rings collection. Yeah, can you believe that? Nowadays, you don’t have to only imagine for having a special custom engagement ring which is designed based on your favorite Disney princess’s character.

Disney Engagement Rings Belle

It is because Kristie Kelly was designed and completed the inspiring Disney engagement rings for those fairytale lovers. As everybody knows, there are many famous Disney princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Mulan, Rapunzel and many more. In this case, Kristie Kelly has created the Disney ring personally based on the princess’s character and appearance. With a secret meaning engraved on the inner part of the ring, this limited edition Disney ring becomes more exclusive and special for the wearers.

Disney Engagement Rings Cinderella

Well, let’s see some Disney rings collection at the pictures. Belle from Beauty and the Beast becomes the first Disney princess whose ring is displayed at this post. This glorious ring is made of yellow gold with three kinds of stone combined luxuriously. Those stones involve blue sapphire, red ruby and yellow diamond. The golden ring is designed quite thicker with big embellishment frame consisting of sapphire and yellow diamond as ornament.

Disney Engagement Rings for Sale

The next Disney engagement rings model is for Cinderella. This time, aquamarine is selected as main ornament stone. With double Halo and pave setting, a big round cut aquamarine is enough to show the elegance of Cinderella as a princess. There is also pinkish Aurora’s ring made of yellow gold with pink diamond set as ornament.  White diamond grains set as additional detail is cool to consider particularly with braided band setting as innovation.

Disney Engagement Rings Kristie Kelly


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