Inspiring Non Diamond Engagement Rings Ideas

Who doesn’t know diamond? Everybody must know this kind of precious stone. Diamond has typical characteristic which allows people to recognize it easily when finding it. It is a kind of stone which is originally sparkling. Diamond is famous as expensive ornament for any kind of jewelry including ring. Unfortunately, diamond seems too usual to stud on the ring as ornament. Nowadays, non diamond engagement rings even attract more attention of women as basic concept of the ring for engagement.

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Expensive

However, there are numerous precious stones spreading around the world besides the diamond. Those alternative precious stones involve emerald, opal, sapphire, aquamarine, ruby and topaz. With more colorful stone scheme, those alternative precious stones look extremely more beautiful on your finger as a gorgeous engagement ring ornament. Here those are several pictures of inspiring non diamond engagement rings ideas.

Non Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Emerald ring is the first sample engagement ring that should be considered by you. Emerald ring offers luxurious green touch over the precious stone to improve your finger beauty instantly. The Emerald ring usually comes simply with a green emerald stone cut in any cut style. Sometimes, Halo detail is also attached surrounding the emerald as additional ornament. Other stones are available to choose that usually involving three-stone ring concept.

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Unusual

The second picture of inspiring non diamond engagement rings introduces a luxurious titanium ring with an eye catching yellow flower studded as ornament. Well, this beautiful flower is made of yellow gold. A tiny white stone is purposely studded next to this yellow gold flower as additional ornament. It seems that the yellow gold flower attached on this simple titanium ring for engagement looks more attractive than other ring design with stones. Or you can choose red ruby as your elegant engagement ring ornament stone. This red schemed stone must be perfect to replace the application of diamond on the ring.

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Vintage


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