Inspiring Titanium Engagement Rings Ideas

Titanium is a kind of metal which is mostly used as ring material. Nowadays, titanium has quite similar level with gold since it may be set in different carat level to influence the quality and price. Well, for engagement ring design, it seems that several inspiring titanium engagement rings here should be nice to know. We are here to introduce you to some samples of glorious titanium rings for engagement. Let’s look at the pictures below then.

Titanium Engagement Rings Diamond

The first image shows us unique titanium engagement rings for men. This ring is truly made of 4 carat titanium with darker metallic scheme to emphasize your skin tone. This ring is designed with unique round band concept. Based on the picture, we can see that the ring incorporates screwdriver setting as the embellishment style. A tiny diamond grain is installed inside the embellishment. And to realize your request, you can ask the designer to engrave quote, your nick name or date of engagement on the inner side of the round band.

Titanium Engagement Rings for Her

The next image shows us another elegant titanium ring with diamond. This ring is for women and men since the model is neutral for both genders. The titanium band setting looks elegant as like white gold with that sleek surface. And textured detail is attached along the external side of the ring band. And as final touch, some tiny diamond grains are mounted on the middle along the metallic band as embellishment.

Titanium Engagement Rings for Men

Let’s see the third picture of the titanium engagement rings. What do you think about the ring design? Yes, it is incredibly beautiful and unique with that wave patterned engraving. This engraved ring is certainly simpler with no diamond mounted along the band. If you want to have modest ring design, the last picture offers a luxurious engagement ring with Rose cut diamond. This dark titanium ring has unique slimmer band installed on the embellishment area.

Titanium Engagement Rings for Women


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