Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring Design in Rose Cut

Do you know Jennifer Aniston? If you are an observer of Hollywood stars, you must know Brad Pitt. Yeah, Jennifer Aniston is Brad Pitt’s ex-wife before he met Angelina Jolie. Now, Jennifer Aniston has been proposed by her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. And what people are talking about after that romantic moment is Jennifer Aniston engagement ring design. Well, discussing a popular lady’s engagement ring may be something usual in Hollywood. However, people need information and inspiration for living. It includes stars’ ring for their wedding and engagement.

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring Cost

Jennifer Aniston engagement ring appearance is actually equal with other Hollywood stars’ ring. It is identical with a huge diamond. This time, Jennifer receives the engagement ring designed in Rose cut from Justin. Have you ever seen the Rose cut diamond ring? In some previous articles here, we have discussed about some famous stars ring designs such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey. Mostly, the ring comes with emerald, round, princess and pillow cut diamond style.

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring Cut

Now, it is quite different with Jennifer Aniston. It seems that Justin Theroux knew exactly what really matches with his beloved woman. Rose cut diamond engagement ring was finally chosen to match Jennifer’s feminine and mature personality. The Rose cut diamond style is quite similar with round shaped diamond style. Yet, the round diamond doesn’t come in simple mounted surface as embellishment of the ring.

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring Justin Theroux

The Rose cut diamond usually comes with details of Rose petal over the surface of the ring. Jennifer Aniston engagement ring is intentionally designed without any more embellishment surrounding the huge Rose cut diamond. To support this huge diamond size, yellow gold is utilized to cover the entire parts of the round band.  Hey, there are about six prongs made of yellow gold that wrap the huge Rose cut diamond nicely as finishing touch.

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring Size


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