Lovely Vintage Engagement Rings for Glorious Ladies

What do you expect when you heard the term of vintage ring? Some people would directly imagine some rings with a big embellishment and some rusting details covering some parts of the ring. Is it true? Well, it is quite correct actually. It is true that the vintage ring has bigger embellishment or ornament than modern ring. Yet, those rusting detail no longer belongs to this old fashioned ring characteristic. What we are going to get from the vintage engagement rings is beauty of memory.

Vintage Engagement Rings Art Deco

Hey, vintage engagement rings don’t always appear in new version from jewelry store. It may come from your mother, grandmother and even the elders of your family. That’s why the ring is more meaningful than usual ring for bridal and engagement. It is better to describe and pay attention only on some pictures of the vintage ring at this post. For more information and inspiration about these old fashioned bands, everybody can search for it in some media like internet, magazine and books.

Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy

Now, let’s take a look on some photos of vintage engagement band here. First, it is a glorious vintage ring with unique irregular diamonds as topping. This simple and thin engagement ring is basically designed with stylish embellishment on the top. This embellishment itself consists of several round cut diamonds which are specifically arranged in irregular setting. Some tinier diamond grains are attached around the big round cut diamonds as complement.

Vintage Engagement Rings for Women

The next picture offers luxurious vintage engagement rings with sunburst ornament cut. The big ornament is designed with cool round cut diamond studded on the center. And then the round diamond is surrounded by sunburst detail. And it is finally followed by some diamond grains surrounding the outer edge of the sunburst shaped ornament. Another vintage ring for engagement comes with lovely pale pink diamond cut in pillow shape as main ornament stone.

Vintage Engagement Rings Gold


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