Luxurious Amethyst Engagement Ring Design

Hey, exclusive ladies, we are going to introduce you with extraordinary rings for engagement. We are sure that your engagement moment will be unique and nice with these engagement rings collection. Well, this time, the ring doesn’t involve any diamond set as its ornament stone. Amethyst is what we are talking about. Yeah, these rings are luxurious amethyst engagement ring designs for you.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Antique

First thing first, amethyst is known as a precious stone as well as diamond, opal, ruby, emerald, turquoise and aquamarine. Yet, the amethyst is popular with its purple stone. It is attractive, isn’t it? The luxurious amethyst engagement ring designs here are displayed at some pictures here for your inspiration. The first picture shows us a gorgeous white gold ring involving three amethysts arranged in floral concept.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Meaning

Dozens of diamond grains are attached as additional ornament stones to cover the metallic round engraved details. The third purple amethysts are purposely formed into oval shaped stone in equal size setting from one to each other. Well, Irish Claddagh ring is very popular among the society too. This ring is from Ireland with unique characteristic on the design. This Claddagh ring typically integrates several aspects of shape including pair of hands, heart shape and a crown on the heart shaped stone.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Sets

Now, the Claddagh ring incorporates the heart shaped amethyst set as the ornament stone. Can you imagine how beautiful it is? Well, there is still a super luxurious amethyst engagement ring designed with a big heart shaped amethyst set as main ornament. At this rate, the heart shaped amethyst is combined with a couple of diamond grains formed in round cut style. The last sample of the amethyst band for engagement comes in stylish oval shaped stone with luxurious curling metallic setting on both sides of the amethyst.

Amethyst Engagement Ring White Gold


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