Luxurious Pear Engagement Rings Concept to Consider

In jewelry world, there are numerous kinds of gemstone which have different color, texture, trait, shape, and model and price rate. Various shape and cut styles are a must to know if you are jewelry lovers. Now, we are speaking of ring design for engagement and wedding. Well, have you ever seen tear drop cut style for ring embellishment? Yes, exactly, the tear drop gemstone cut style just looks like real tear drop shape. It has sharp part on the top, whereas curved part on the bottom. Now, have you ever heard about pear cut style on pear engagement rings?

Pear Engagement Rings with Halo

Basically, both the tear drop and pear cut styles are equal. The difference of them is only the position of the gemstone. If the tear drop cut style has the sharp part on the top, the pear cut style has it on the bottom. Or on the other hand, the pear cut style is similar with the tear drop cut style set in upside down position. Do you get it? Yeah, talking about the pear engagement rings is very attractive since this ring cut style is modern and super luxurious for your engagement band.

Pear Engagement Rings Meaning

Nevertheless, the luxurious pear cut diamond ring for engagement generally comes in equal setting as well as the other ring styles in round, square, oval or Marquise cut. Halo setting is the most favorite additional ornament which is typically applied to surround the pear cut diamond. This Halo style is commonly applied to cover entire or only a half part of the round band no matter what the material is used.

Pear Engagement Rings on Hand

Do you still remember heart engagement rings in the previous article? Well, the pear engagement rings involve V shaped prong installed on the sharp part of the pear cut gemstone. Six to eight more prongs are typically installed to protect the pear cut gemstone from suddenly falling and losing.

Pear Engagement Rings UK


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