Magnificent Three Stone Engagement Rings Concept to Know

Three-stone ring concept is nowadays popular among the society. Many people love to wear this kind of ring style particularly women in their engagement or wedding moment. Well, do you want to know more about the three-stone ring concept? Let’s take a look some three-stone engagement rings photos below. First of all, everybody should know that the three-stone ring concept doesn’t always integrate tree or two different types of stone. Even the ring will always look magnificent though the three stones are a similar kind of stone such as turquoise, sapphire, ruby or diamond.

Three Stone Engagement Rings Gold

As like what we can see on the first three-stone engagement rings photo, three sapphire stones are purposely studded as embellishment of ring. Those three sapphires are basically cut in similar oval cut style, but those stones are different in size. Of course the biggest one is located on the center as main ornament stone. To keep this three-stone ring fascinating, Halo white diamond grains are studded surrounding each sapphire as additional ornament stone.

Three Stone Engagement Rings Meaning

Diamond with little accent of blue inside it can be the nest magnificent three-stone rings for engagement moment. Three diamonds are studded elegantly with four prongs attached on each stone. To complete the embellishment of the ring, three diamond grains are purposely studded on both sides of the three-stone area. White gold or titanium seems perfect to cover the round band surface. However, this three-stone band would be exclusive with those cool materials combination.

Three Stone Engagement Rings on Finger

Hey, let’s take a look on the fourth ring photo. It is luxurious diamond and sapphire stone combination. Basically, the white diamond is cut in marquise style, whereas the sapphires are cut in classic oval shape. The third stones are finally studded as embellishment of the three-stone engagement rings. Halo style of diamond grains is embellished along the titanium band as complement.

Three Stone Engagement Rings on Hand


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