Minimalist Concept of Bezel Set Engagement Rings

We sure after reading some ring design articles in this blog, everybody has known little about the ring concept for engagement or wedding. Well, have you ever heard about Bezel set engagement rings? The design concept of the Bezel set is easy to understand actually. It is usually installed on any engagement ring models. The Bezel set basically involves such kind of metallic layer which is installed all the way around or partially surrounding the thin edge of the ornament stone.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Platinum

As like other ring setting for engagement, the Bezel set engagement rings also have some benefits for ring quality improvement. However, the application of Bezel set truly causes the ornament stone looks bigger while protected by the metallic layer or frame. Well, based on several pictures attached here, the Bezel set ring for engagement and wedding is extremely simple and classic. We can look at the pictures here for better description.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Rose Gold

The most basic Bezel engagement ring design is shown by the first picture. It is a thin white gold engagement ring which involves a cute round cut diamond with bezel setting. There is no any engraved detail installed besides the round Bezel diamond set. Nonetheless, this ring is extremely fabulous to symbolize the eternal love of the couple. Don’t worry about the stone choice. It is because the diamond is not the only one stone which can be attached as main ornament stone.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Tiffany

Don’t even think that the Bezel set engagement rings cannot be combined with other ring settings such as Pave, Chanel, Halo and many more. The third picture here shows us the reality. Minimalist concept of Bezel ring for engagement truly can appear in marvelous design with Pave and Halo setting at the same time. In this case, we can replace common white gold with yellow gold to dominate the round band.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings Yellow Gold


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