Modern Engagement Rings with Twisted Band Setting

Ring is just like anything around the world such as furniture, home, fashion, car and gadget. It is a kind of jewelry which always experiences many innovations and modifications to be more beautiful and trendier. Modern engagement rings must be different from old fashioned and retro styled ring for engagement. There would be several aspects which commonly distinguish the old and modern ring simply. Yeah, design is the clearest aspect which can distinguish a ring with another one.

Modern Engagement Rings 2014

In this modern era, the modern engagement rings don’t appear only with an ornament stone and art deco detail engraved along the band. At this rate, the modern band for engagement appears luxuriously with a twisted round band as basic ring setting. Some photos of the modern twisted rings are displayed at this post to give much inspiration of trendy ring design. We can immediately see the fourth picture then.

Modern Engagement Rings Designs

It is a glorious white gold ring with cool twisted round band. There are three very small diamond grains installed inside the band with flat surface as similar as the metal setting. Those three grains are combined with a big ball shaped diamond studded between the twisted band tips as main ornament. The similar concept of ornament stone installation is also integrated by the engagement ring shown by the first photo.

Modern Engagement Rings UK

Yet, this time, each tip of the twisted round band involves five diamond grains to set in channel style. With a round cut diamond attached on the center, those channel grains are just stated as an additional ornament setting. The second photo shows us other sample of modern engagement rings with twisted setting. The round cut diamond is wrapped by prongs and Halo set in pave surrounding the diamond. This Halo with diamond grains also covers the entire surface of the twisted round band external.

Modern Engagement Rings Canada


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