Modern Infinity Engagement Ring Innovation

In the previous article, we have talked about infinity ring for bridal. This time, we are going to discuss more about this romantic ring for engagement. Well, can you explain the basic trait of the infinity engagement ring? The ring concept is basically easy to recognize. The infinity ring is typically designed with luxurious 8 shaped embellishment details. Some people calls this 8 shaped embellishment as knot. For better description, several photos of the infinity ring for engagement and wedding are uploaded at this post.

Infinity Engagement Ring and Band

Modern infinity engagement ring innovation seems stylish to keep this meaningful ring beautiful and attractive. If the knot detail looks so common on the ring, cool innovation or modification will be a great idea to enhance the ring design. Let’s see the first engagement ring with the infinity embellishment setting. Based on the picture, it is a ring made of white gold. With simple knot detail as main ornament, this white gold ring looks very sweet particularly with those diamond grains covering a half lining of the infinity knot.

Infinity Engagement Ring Gold

Besides the white gold ring, the infinity engagement band is also luxuriously made of yellow gold. This time, the ring doesn’t only involve an 8 shaped knot as the main ornament, but two settings of the infinity knot. Can you imagine that? With cool innovation, dozens of diamond grains are attached to cover the knots. And as replacement, there is truly no any big stone studded among the infinity knots.

Infinity Engagement Ring Jared

Double knots concept is also installed on the infinity engagement ring displayed by the third photo. In this case, a big diamond cut in classic round shape is studded between the two knots. Similar concept is also attached on the fourth ring. Yet, this last ring sample involves Halo to beautify the infinity knots as a great innovative idea of the engagement ring.

Infinity Engagement Ring Setting


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