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As like Tiffany, Vera Wang and Zales, Neil Lane is also a famous jewelry brand and company. Neil Lane engagement rings and other jewelry collection are really outstanding among society. Therefore, numerous celebrities purchase Neil Lane ring for their special moment of life such as engagement and bridal. However, Neil Lane has its own typical trait or characteristic for the design of rings. Lately, engagement ring with various cool diamonds cut ideas is trendy among the society.

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In the previous ring articles, we have discussed about several diamond cut style. One of which is pillow cut style. Neil Lane engagement rings are also available in that classic diamond cut style. Yet, there is more beautiful diamond cut style you should know. Heart cut diamond style is what we mean in the previous sentence. It is a cool engagement band which is embellished with heart shaped diamond. This huge heart shaped diamond is framed with double-line Halo. And wonderful setting of Halo in steps concept looks marvelous on this engagement ring by Neil Lane.

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Round diamond cut style is another Neil Lane ring embellishment setting. In this case, the round shaped diamond appears in different model and setting. Sometimes, the round shaped diamond comes in small size. And then it is grabbed by four or six prongs. Other model of ring with round cut diamond involves Halo setting surrounding the diamond as additional complement.

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Besides coming in pillow, round and square shape, the Neil Lane engagement rings collection is available in pear cut style. The shape of the pear cut diamond is quite similar with tear drop diamond cut style. Yet, the pear diamond is studded on the ring in upside down position. On other hand, the sharp point is located on the bottom area of the ring. Well, this kind of luxurious diamond cut style comes with Halo surrounding it.

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