Pearl Engagement Rings Inspiration for Vintage Ceremony Theme

Who says that it is only wedding that requires a theme to keep it fabulous and memorable for everyone? Some people think that a simple event like engagement party also should be bright and impressive for the family, guests and of course a couple. Vintage theme can be a gorgeous option for party decoration. Shabby chic concept would be very feminine and beautiful for the party. And for the final touch, vintage engagement ring is a must. Pearl engagement rings are what we mean.

Pearl Engagement Rings Gold

Don’t you know that not only diamond ring is available in the society? Pearl engagement rings must be the best option to support your vintage proposing moment of your life. Pearl is definitely in general associated with old fashioned era. The pearl itself is available depending on the kind of cockle shells. Well, we don’t have to know about that in detail. There would be an expert who will score it and then categorize it into several kinds of pearl.

Pearl Engagement Rings on Hand

Generally, pearl is available in numerous color schemes. The most popular pearl tone is white, blush pink and black. With some innovation, the pearl nowadays appears in more color options such as blue, red and green. Of course, a certain matter would be combined with the real pearl before it transforms into new colorful pearls. For your vintage engagement ring concept, the design of pearl ring must be very exciting for everyone particularly women.

Pearl Engagement Rings Tiffany

Let’s take a look on several photos of the pearl engagement rings at this post. Blush pink pearl is purposely incorporated on an unusual ring design. The round band is basically made from uncommon metal with grains. The pearl is elegantly studded between circular hardware with engraved detail. If you want to have an ultra elegant engagement ring, black pearl sees very eye catching studded on gold round band with white jade combination.

Pearl Engagement Rings Vintage


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