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Some men and women truly prefer to have unique or uncommon ring for their engagement and bridal moment. Nevertheless, having popular engagement rings is a standard choice to follow the latest trend of ring design. And in fact, numerous people still love the contemporary ring style in their era. Thus, when they have been being older, they could show the engagement ring to their grandchildren for historical love story.

Popular Engagement Rings 2013

The basic concept of popular engagement rings is just simple as usual. It is commonly made of metal with gemstone set as the ornament. From that basic concept, we can find that the popular ring model is available in numerous versions depending on the theme or the latest trend of the fashion jewelry. Three-stone ring for engagement is known as the most popular ring concept for contemporary ring idea. It is a ring with three gemstones studded as ring embellishment.

Popular Engagement Rings 2014

Usually, the gemstone has different tone, size, shape and price. Based on the first picture, the three-stone ring involves a big yellow colored diamond cut in emerald to be main ornament stone. This yellow tone diamond is guarded by a couple of white diamonds cut in emerald style in smaller size. Another sample of the three-stone engagement ring is displayed by the second picture. This time, the concept of round band is quite uncommon since the metallic setting is in twisted style.

Popular Engagement Rings Brands

Chocolate and white diamonds are cut in round and equal size to arrange in a row. The white diamond is located in the middle to get a nice visual as a focal point of the popular engagement rings in three-stone concept. Besides the three-stone ring, solitaire cut style is also a popular ring setting to consider. This engagement ring concept is truly recommended for those who love big gemstone on their ring.

Popular Engagement Rings Styles


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