Pretty Handmade Engagement Rings with Bezel Touch

A ring is generally imperative in a special moment like engagement and wedding. It is because the ring itself is functional as eternal love symbol for the wearer and the giver. Well, it is true that there are numerous styles of ring for engagement to pick. Even everyone can create or design his or her own ring for their special ceremony. Handmade engagement rings seem perfect to choose. It is a handmade ring which is purposely designed depending on the owner desire. Here these are several samples of the pretty handmade engagement bands with Bezel setting to consider.

Handmade Engagement Rings Chicago

First thing first, Bezel setting is the application of super thin metallic layer surrounding the gemstone. This Bezel setting usually comes in round cut to match the circular cut gemstone. The application of the Bezel setting on the ring is efficiently functional to make the gemstone larger and protecting the edge of the stone from scratches or fall. Well, the pretty handmade engagement rings with the Bezel setting must be very attractive since it offers different design concept for anyone particularly women.

Handmade Engagement Rings Ireland

The first ring picture shows us an elegant yet feminine Bezel engagement ring. This ring involves pink colored diamond as the gemstone. As usual, the pink gemstone is cut in round shape with stylish Bezel touch installed partially around the gemstone. Another picture of the handmade ring for engagement is more cheerful with three-tone gemstones studded as embellishment such as chocolate, yellow and white diamond. In this case, the Bezel setting comes in glorious yellow gold tone.

Handmade Engagement Rings Los Angeles

Calmer and more feminine handmade engagement rings must be more attractive for several ladies. Here we also have a luxurious titanium handmade engagement band with aquamarine as main ornament. Bezel setting is partially installed around the aquamarine with neat liner to separate it from engraved detail.

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