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Gorgeous ring is actually very easy to find. Lately, there are pretty heart engagement rings collections to consider as your eternal love symbol. The pretty heart shaped diamond engagement ring is truly elegant to have particularly when it comes with colorful gemstones such as colored diamond, ruby, turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst, opal, sapphire and many more. Hey, are you a feminine lady? Thus, why don’t you choose the heart shaped diamond band for your engagement?

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It seems that purple gemstone looks luxurious set as main ornament stone for the engagement ring. Purple Heart engagement rings have simple meaning to symbolize your glory and eternal love. Combination of amethyst or purple colored diamond and classic white diamond must be gorgeous to consider. And in three-stone setting is the best engagement ring setting for you. At this rate, the Purple Heart shaped gemstone is located on the middle between couples of semi circular diamond grains.

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The next pretty heart ring for engagement involves red ruby to set a gemstone. This ring is beautiful on any woman’s finger. The strong red schemed ruby in unique heart shape looks very eye catching to hit the metallic scheme of the white gold round band. To improve the value of this heart ruby ring, two pieces of diamond grain in emerald cut are attached on both sides of the ruby.

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Sapphire engagement ring also looks stylish in oval shape. It is true that the sapphire comes in classic oval shape. Nevertheless, it seems that the ring designer is smart enough to frame this oval sapphire with heart shaped set of embellishment. And to keep it gorgeous, some white diamonds are attached on one side of the heart frame. It is luxurious, isn’t it? Hey, there are also heart engagement rings which involve aquamarine as ornament stone. In this case, the gemstone comes in pear cut style to cover a half part of the heart metallic setting.

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