Pretty Round Cut Engagement Rings with Pave Concept

Have you ever heard about pave setting of ring? Well, the pave setting on ring actually has similar concept with Halo. Although the installation is not to surround the main ornament stone of the ring, the pave setting also incorporates dozens of diamond grains as main embellishment detail. The dozens of diamond grain would be finally studded on the metallic setting of the ring as if the ring is truly made of grains. Now, this pave setting is found on several pretty round cut engagement rings.

Round Cut Engagement Rings Gold

The round cut engagement rings are very pretty with that pave setting. The sense of classic is naturally emphasized through the round cut diamond style. With modern modification of pave setting, this classic round diamond ring becomes more exclusive and nice to wear in your memorable engagement ceremony and long time after that with a wedding band on finger. Well, if you really desire to have this classic modern ring, let’s see several samples of engagement ring model at this post.

Round Cut Engagement Rings on Finger

The first pretty round engagement ring with pave comes elegantly with patented double band concept. Basically, the round metallic band of the ring is single. It means that this ring only incorporates a round band. Yet, it looks as if the ring involves two sets of band is caused by the application of pave setting covering the band. The pave setting is attached along the band in two lines. No wonder that the ring looks as if it has two sets of round metallic band. Halo style is studded to beautify the classic diamond cut style.

Round Cut Engagement Rings with Diamond Band

It seems that infinity round cut engagement rings always become nice ring idea for engagement moment. Yellow gold infinity ring looks very fabulous with pave setting covering the infinity knot detail. A small round cut diamond is studded with four yellow gold prongs as guardian and final touch.

Round Cut Engagement Rings with Halo


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