Round Diamond Engagement Rings in Super Simple Design

In the previous articles posted in this blog, we have spoken of ring design with round cut diamond style. In general, the round diamond engagement rings are certainly familiar among the society. It is even called as the most classic diamond ring style sometimes. Well, nowadays, this classic ring is no longer old fashioned or antique. Many creative and inspiring ring designers love to add some innovative effects on the round diamond band for engagement and wedding. Some of which are able to be seen in the pictures below.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings on Finger

Spiral style would look extravagant to apply on the round diamond engagement rings. Basically, the spiral or twisted detail is applied to cover the metallic round band of ring. Finally, the modern ring will look fabulous with that spiraled band. We can see the sample on the first picture. This modern ring is completed with luxurious round shaped diamond with liner as main ornament stone. There is no any prong studded around the round cut diamond. Nonetheless, this round ring still looks very eye catching on any finger your lady has.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings on Hand

The second round diamond ring is more intricate with dozens of prongs combined with diamond. These prongs are specifically designed to form heart shape. It is true that basically, the diamond comes in square shape. What the designer do is to put the square diamond on the center of embellishment setting. And then surrounding the square diamond with gorgeous heart shaped prongs and grains until the ornament appear in perfect round shape.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings Rose Gold

Other round diamond engagement rings with intricate embellishment are displayed by the third and fourth pictures. The third ring involves so many diamond grains which are arranged closely to each other. And then they are studded together to create full round shaped diamond group as the engagement ring ornament.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings Setting


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