Silver Engagement Rings for Cheaper Band Options

Silver is a kind of metal material which has lower quality than gold. The texture or silver is actually similar with gold, but not as expensive as the gold. As like its name, silver comes in metallic gray scheme. At the first sight, silver engagement rings look similar with white gold engagement ring. No wonder that people always think that silver can be a great choice for cheaper version of golden ring. Although the price rate of the silver engagement band is truly lower than the golden ring, the silver ring has its own character and design which may attract people’s attention.

Silver Engagement Rings Diamond

Let’s take a look on several silver engagement rings collection here. The first silver ring is what we mean about gorgeous innovation on ring. It is a ring with engraved round setting. The round band itself is specifically designed in quite thicker shape with engraved detail carved on the side part. The top part of the ring setting is covered by diamond grains which are purposely set in channel style.

Silver Engagement Rings for Couples

As finishing touch, about 7-8 diamond grains are arranged into a group and studded together as ornament stone on the middle part of the channel diamond setting. Four prongs are attached carefully to keep those grains together tightly. The next silver engagement band involves a great combination of white diamond and sapphire. Floral setting looks imposing applied as main embellishment.

Silver Engagement Rings for Girls

Basically, the white diamond grains are arranged to form a cute flower. And then this diamond is studded on the middle between luxurious oval sapphire grains. The silver engagement rings are not as thick as the previous one. This time, the silver band looks simpler and more feminine with thinner silver band setting. Modern alternative of silver engagement band is shown by the third picture. The band setting is not designed in completely round shape. Two tips of the band are only connected to each other simply side by side with diamond grains attached on them.

Silver Engagement Rings for Women


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