Simple Differences between Pave and Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Lately, numerous rings are available in various design and concept. However, everybody should know that from time to time, fashion experiences numerous changes including innovation and modification that actually creates newer and more trends for the future. This fact has similar condition with jewelry design. From generation to generation, a ring comes in various models to pick as desire. Halo setting is the popular innovation which is commonly applied to beautify ring for engagement and bridal. Halo diamond engagement ring design idea seems essential to know.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand

The basic concept of the Halo diamond engagement ring is simple to understand and recognize. The Halo setting itself generally only involves dozens of small gemstone grains. These gemstone grains finally will be studded around the main ornament stone of the ring no matter what the shape. How to recognize the Halo setting from Pave setting is very easy.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Semi Mount

Generally, the Halo setting is only attached surrounding the main gemstone. In other words, the Halo setting is a part of ring embellishment. The Pave setting is the application of gemstone grains to keep the ring fabulous as if it is fully made of the gemstone, not metal. The Pave setting itself is attached along the round band. That’s the simplest thing that makes the Halo and Pave setting is different.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Nonetheless, both Pave and Halo settings are always connected to each other. If there is Halo setting, there will be the Pave setting to complete the ring design. It is simple, isn’t it? Well, as a classic ring style, the Halo diamond engagement ring appears simply in quite similar design and model. For clearer description, we can see some pictures of the ring here. According to the photos, the conclusion says that both Pave and Halo settings are truly installed to beautify the ring.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Setting


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