Sterling Silver Engagement Rings with Matching Bridal Band

Have you ever seen or heard about matching ring? Some people will think that the matching ring such a couple rings. In fact, it is a set of ring for someone whether man or woman. The matching ring is generally designed as a unit. It consists of two bands which are purposely designed in similar model. Commonly, both rings have different function and meaning for the wearer. One of the rings is called engagement ring, whereas another one is called wedding ring. Now, for better description, matching sterling silver engagement rings are displayed by some pictures below.

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Everybody knows that there is no difference between engagement and wedding ring design. Most people love to give the best innovation on both ring models. However, both moments are imperative for them. That’s why several pictures of the sterling silver engagement rings set as matching ring here display beautiful concept for the ring design.

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Let’s check the pictures out then. The first picture looks exclusive with extraordinary engraved metallic bands. Each ring has similar engraved detail carved along the round band. To make the bands expensive and sparkling, dozens of diamond grains are studded on the ring setting. And to distinguish the engagement and bridal rings easily, a big round cut diamond is studded as main ornament on one of both rings. It seems that the ring with diamond is for bridal.

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Similar design concept is also applied on other sterling silver engagement rings shown by the pictures. This time, both matching rings are created simpler and more minimalist with only channel setting covering the round band. A big round cut diamond is attached as embellishment on the wedding band. With little innovation, sometimes, the sterling silver appears elegantly with twisted and curled round band. These curled rings are shown by the third and fourth pictures here.

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