Super Beautiful Flower Engagement Ring for Young Ladies

Lately, it is not only adult women who are proposed by their beloved men, but young women are also prepared as a good wife in the future by their parents. No wonder that there are several parents want their daughters get married with their best friends’ son as well. Well, it is just a courtesy for this ring topic today since there are numerous young women have been engaged in their young age. Of course an engagement band is imperative to symbolize this new relationship status. And super beautiful flower engagement ring is the best choice for the young ladies.

Flower Engagement Ring Gold

Hey, we know that some adult women will say that wearing the flower engagement ring is too childish, but not for the young women. Several models of the engagement ring with flower setting are available at this post as your ring inspiration. The first picture here shows us a glorious black and white ring to wear as a Gothic engagement ring. This ring is really beautiful with leaves and those sparkling details over the metallic band. The tiny leaves are blocked in black to contrast the scheme of white diamond and metallic band under it.

Flower Engagement Ring Kay

If you want clearer setting of the flower on the engagement band, the second picture can show what you really want. This ring is designed originally like usual ring for engagement. This ring looks pretty with Rose shaped metal setting as the main embellishment concept. With dozens of small aquamarine stone studded as flowers, this round cut diamond ring becomes more perfect.

Flower Engagement Ring Setting

Hey, amethyst flower engagement ring shown by the third picture is also extremely beautiful. This time, white gold band involves pretty yet luxurious flower shaped amethyst and golden leaf or something like a bug installed next to the flower as main embellishment. Similar concept of flower setting is also found on the last ring sample shown by the fourth picture.

Flower Engagement Ring Vintage


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