Terrific Concept of 3 Stone Engagement Rings

3-stone setting is one of famous setting for ring design. This concept allows a ring involving three stones as its main ornament stone setting. Commonly, one of those third stones has bigger size that the two others. The installation of the three-stone setting on any ring is usual in the society. However, everybody can get the best 3-stone engagement rings with special meaning attached on them. Generally, the three-stone ring represents the journey of everyone’s love with someone she or he loves. The third stones refer to past, present and future phase of the relationship.

3 Stone Engagement Rings Meaning

Talking about the meaning and design of the 3-stone engagement rings, we can get a point here that the biggest stone represents our present time of keeping the love relationship. In other words, this period of time is the clearest period where a woman and a man appear as a couple in engagement moment. Well, it is up to you to choose appropriate stone types for the third stones.

3 Stone Engagement Rings on Finger

Usually, most people love to match the stone type with their birth stone. It is because the birth stone generally brings more luck for them. There are numerous three-stone ring design settings to choose. The most popular one is the three diamond stones. This ring setting incorporates three diamonds without any other stone combined with the diamond.

3 Stone Engagement Rings on Hand

It is not only white diamond which can be studded as main embellishment. The 3-stone engagement rings also involve other kinds of precious stone in brighter color scheme such as yellow, pink, blue and green. As a sample, the engagement ring in three-stone concept involves yellow and white diamonds cut in emerald style. The biggest emerald cut diamond is in yellow scheme. Two others are in original white scheme to balance the ring embellishment setting. More white diamond grains are purposely studded on both sides of the emerald cut three stones as alternative detail.

3 Stone Engagement Rings Yellow Gold


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