Trendy Tacori Engagement Rings Embellished with a Big Cut Diamond

Besides Zales, Tiffany and Vera Wang, Tacori is an outstanding brand for any kind of ring for bridal and engagement. Tacori itself offers unique and exclusive collection of Tacori engagement rings to pick as the best ring for your proposal. As everybody knows, engagement ring appears in a wide variety of models. The model of the ring is typically influenced by the diamond or ornament stone cut style. And now, we are going to give you several samples of trendy Tacori rings for engagement in different big diamond cut styles.

Tacori Engagement Rings on Fingers

Exclusive Tacori engagement rings incorporate emerald cut diamond as ring ornament stone. This expensive diamond is specifically designed as like the green emerald. It ideally comes in rectangular shape with steps detail engraved on the top. When the emerald cut diamond is seen from the top, we will see unique tiered details floating on the diamond surface. Well, that’s the special characteristic of this emerald cut style for the diamond.

Tacori Engagement Rings on Hand

Asscher cut is another cool diamond cut style integrated on some Tacori rings for engagement. The asscher cut diamond is generally equal with square cut diamond. Yet, the square cut diamond is specifically designed with sharp corner. Commonly, there would be L letter shaped prongs installed on each corner of the asscher diamond. Additionally, this square shaped diamond style involves bigger diamond size than other cut diamond styles. No wonder that the engagement ring with asscher cut doesn’t involve more embellishment like grains to beautify it.

Tacori Engagement Rings Prices

Round or circle cut style is the next poplar Tacori engagement rings embellishment style. As like the asscher cut which comes in truly square shape, the round cut diamond completely appears in circular shape of diamond. Generally, the round cut diamond comes with six prongs surrounding it elegantly. We can see some models of elegant Tacori ring with different diamond cut styles at this post for clearer description.

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