Two Luxurious Models of Oval Engagement Rings for Cool Ladies

We have often talked about rings for wedding and engagement at this post. And most of you must have understood little about some ornament stone cut styles here. Diamond is certainly chosen as the most favorite ornament stone for the ring. Besides having sparkling texture and characteristic, diamond is popular as the most expensive precious stone in the world. Well, who doesn’t know diamond? As everybody knows, the diamond engagement ring comes in different style and concept of design though the ring similarly incorporates diamond as ornament. It is because the diamond cut style after all. And this time, oval engagement rings would be nice topic to speak of here.

Oval Engagement Rings Gold

First thing first, let’s understand how the oval cut diamond ring would look like. Oval cut diamond style is basically almost similar with round cut diamond style. Yet, the oval is pretty longer than the circular diamond cut style. We can see some pictures here for better description about the oval cut diamond style. Generally, there are two luxurious models of the oval engagement rings. The first oval ring comes classically with prongs.

Oval Engagement Rings On Finger

As like other rings with diamond, the prongs are functional as diamond protection. It functions as effective as frame on photo frame. The prongs wrap the diamond tightly so that the diamond will be not easily unattached from the ring and lost. Usually, there would be four to six prongs that are studded surrounding the ova cut diamond. Besides the oval engagement band with prongs, the second luxurious model of oval ring incorporates Halo as embellishment alternative.

Oval Engagement Rings On Hand

Well, as like Halo which is commonly found on flower girl’s head, the Halo detail applied on the ring also involves many things to surround the diamond. The things here are not flowers, but diamond grains. The diamond grains come in super tiny size with round or square cut style. Finally, the grains would be studded surrounding the big diamond on the oval engagement rings as well as Halo on flower girl’s head.

Oval Engagement Rings Solitaire


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